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About AERO Missions

Discover why AERO MISSIONS was established

About our Ministry

AERO Missions is a non-profit organization that began in January 2019 for the ultimate purpose of training missionaries to fly and then assisting them in starting itinerant, gospel-furthering ministries in remote-access regions of the world.

In general, travel-by-air has proven itself entirely successful over the previous century and remains a prominent means of transportation today.  Yet in many places of the world, it remains the only way to access people who are isolated by natural barriers and difficult terrain. This gives the missionary pilot a specific target of people to reach with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ - for without wings, those souls may never hear the Truth of God's Word.

The ministry has expanded since its inception and currently includes an annual summer internship program, flight instruction on a year-round basis for full-time missionaries, a full-functioning aircraft maintenance shop, an affiliate/adjunct organization in South America, and a developing base of operations with full accommodations at our AERO Missions Aviation Ranch in Sylacauga, AL.

Ministry Staff

Board of Directors

AERO Missions is a non-profit entity, governed by a general Board of Directors. Each member serves a crucial role in the overall management and operation of the ministry as we strive to do our best for the Lord.

For questions and inquiries regarding the Board of Directors, please email us at



AERO Missions operates on pledges received from various ministries (i.e. churches, Christian institutions, etc.) and on support from individual donors who share in our desire to reach the world for Christ with the message of salvation.  Our aircraft maintenance facility is a revenue-generating entity as well and helps keep our staff employed and duly compensated. We invite you to partner with us in this endeavor by having a financial part through either a one-time donation or a regular monthly donation.

Additionally, AERO Missions strives to keep each student's training costs and living expenses as reasonable as possible while they train at our ministry.  You may consider financially assisting this important and specific aspect of the organization.

All gifts are tax-deductible, and receipts will be emailed upon processing of payment.  For more information on supporting AERO Missions, please visit our SUPPORT page on this website.


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