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Have a part in the work of AERO Missions

The work of AERO Missions is made possible because of the prayers, help, and generosity of God's people.  What a blessing it is to see God's people having a part in His work for the purpose of taking the Gospel to the far reaches of the world.

In I Corinthians 12, the Bible illustrates the importance of each aspect of the physical body and correlates them to the importance of each member of the body of Christ. Every part and every person serves a specific function and purpose, all working toward a singular goal. The same is true with this ministry...

Your contribution to AERO Missions may not be given in financial measures; however, your part may be helping a missionary pilot and his family while in training, taking a missions trip to a foreign field, or simply upholding our ministry in prayer. Supporting us in every aspect involved in reaching people for Christ is what matters; and we count your part, whatever that may be, as equally important as any. 

Pray. Volunteer. Support.


The greatest investment you can make on behalf of AERO Missions is to pray for our staff, our students, and the work with which we are involved.  We need daily wisdom, direction, and protection from the Lord, and we covet your prayers for this ministry.


Ministry and service are synonymous, and there is no exception to this at AERO Missions.  There are always tasks to be done to keep moving forward for the Lord's glory.

Whether it's being able to assist with flight instruction, to provide maintenance expertise during an aircraft inspection, or to simply wash an airplane and clean the hangar, we would be thrilled to have you join in the work of AERO Missions.


With specific regard to financial support, AERO Missions graciously thanks you for any contribution toward this ministry. Everything from administration and promotion to maintenance, training, and field support requires funding to make an endeavor like this possible.

To make a donation to AERO Missions or designated contribution toward one of our ministry projects, please visit our SUPPORT page on this site.

Interested in getting involved at AERO Missions?

Please contact our office at (850) 610-0448 or by email at and let us know how you'd like to help. We will be in touch!

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