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The AERO Fleet

See what's flying at AERO Missions

While an airplane is certainly a key part in our ministry, it is simply a tool by which the Gospel can be carried to those who've yet to hear.  Our focus must remain on the eternal mission at hand.

AERO Missions bases its flight operations at the Sylacauga Municipal Airport (KSCD) and utilizes all nearby municipal, county, and international airports for training.  Our current fleet consists of a 1966 Cessna 172-G, a 1966 Cessna 182-J, a Luscombe 8A, a Zenith CH-750, and a Inpaer Conquest 180 (in operation in South America). Our development plan includes additional aircraft acquisitions for use on various mission fields as well as keeping and maintaining a healthy training fleet.


-  Cont. O-300 145 HP

-  Garmin 430W Nav/Comm

-  KX-155 Nav/Comm

-  Appareo Stratus XPDR (ADS-B)

-  4 Seats with intercom system

-  New paint & interior (2019)

-  875 lb. Useful Load

Acquired in April 2019, N4245L serves as AERO Missions' primary trainer for Private/Instrument students.  The instrumentation and recent aircraft upgrades provide our missionary student pilots a sound platform on which to learn and to develop their flying skills.

1966 Cessna 172G - N4245L

-  Cont. O-470 230 HP

-  Garmin 430 Nav/Comm

-  KX-170 Nav/Comm

-  Garmin GTX-335 XPDR (ADS-B)

-  4 Seats with intercom system

-  Long-range fuel tanks

-  1100 lb. Useful Load

N3090F, acquired in 2019, serves as a primary training aircraft and affords us the means of high performance training, a necessary endorsement for all missionary aviators.  Additionally, it serves as an available ministry-use aircraft by missionaries and staff.

1966 Cessna 182J - N3090F

-  Lycoming IO-320 160 HP

-  Dynon D100 EFIS

-  Dynon D120 EMS

-  Garmin 696 MFD

-  Garmin GTX-327 XPDR

-  2 Seats with intercom system

-  5+ Hour Range @ 110 KTAS

The Conquest 180 was acquired in Brazil in 2023 and is an active missionary aircraft today, used for itinerant evangelistic work. For the missionary's ministry work, this aircraft reduces days of travel to mere hours and is a tremendous asset in reaching more remote regions.

2009 Inpaer Conquest 180

-  Continental A-65-8

-  VFR Instrument Panel

-  Wing tanks

Purchased in early 2024, the Luscombe 8A will serve as our platform for tailwheel training in the near future.  We are excited to add it to our fleet and to incorporate it into our training program.

Luscombe 8A - N72032
Aircraft Management

AERO Missions seeks to maintain a fleet of aircraft for the purposes of missionary pilot training and mission field service. This feature of AERO Missions alleviates total responsibility on part of the missionary for an aircraft being used in their ministry.  Should the aviation needs of the missionary change and the aircraft needs to be upgraded (or removed), our ministry stands by to assist in these situations.

While an aircraft is in mission field service, the missionary pilot and his ministry assume a shared responsibility with AERO Missions for the general operating expenses of the aircraft.  Additionally, we will assist as able in maintaining the aircraft.

For inquiries regarding our ministry fleet or for any considerations on donating an aircraft to the fleet, please contact our office by phone at (850) 610-0448 or by email at


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