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Training Courses Offered

Take a look at your training options

AERO Missions is committed to providing a high-quality, first-class flight training experience to its missionary pilot candidates.  We strive to do our best to fully prepare you for the work you'll be performing on the mission field. Your developing the skills to fly, demonstrating the ability to execute sound judgment, and maintaining a special interest in safety are all focal points of our program to which we hold a high standard.

Primary Courses

Private Pilot License
50 hours

The private pilot license is an aviator's foundation, during which training he acquires the fundamental skills and techniques needed to operate an aircraft safely and soundly.  This course will include 50 hours of flight time (10 hours of which will be flown solo) and will meet all FAA requirements as outlined in FAR 61.107-109.

Instrument Rating
50 hours

Perhaps the most challenging, yet most rewarding, rating you will add to your pilot portfolio is the Airplane Instrument Rating.  This training focuses on developing the skills and attention needed to safely operate an aircraft solely by reference to instruments, enabling you to exercise your privileges as a pilot in less-than-marginal weather conditions.  (FAR 61.65)

Commercial Pilot License
25 hours (250 hours total time)

The CPL is the culmination of your previous two phases of training interwoven into one program that refines and sharpens your skills as a pilot.  This course focuses on mastery of the airplane while working through visual maneuvers performed with the skill and detail of an instrument-rated pilot. The goal is to produce a skilled aviator who exercises safe, sound judgment.

Certified Flight  Instructor 
25 hours (Commercial License req.)

While instructing other pilots may not be a typical endeavor of a missionary pilot, it may be a tool worth having later on in your flying career.  Teaching others to fly will expand your abilities and levels of knowledge, making you that much better of a pilot.  As this course closely mirrors that of the CPL course, AERO Missions will conduct the training in conjunction with that licensing.

Additional Ratings, Endorsements, and Currency Renewals

High Performance Endorsement
5-10 hours

An aircraft producing in excess of 200 HP is categorized as a high performance aircraft.  The FAA requires a pilot to obtain a one-time logbook endorsement, certifying that required ground/flight training was given and he has demonstrated competency in flying a high performance aircraft.

Complex Aircraft Endorsement
5-10 hours

A complex aircraft is defined as having (1) retractable landing gear, (2) a constant-speed propeller, and (3) wing flaps.  To operate a complex aircraft, a pilot must be given required ground/flight training from a CFI and receive a one-time logbook endorsement certifying competency in flying a complex aircraft.

Tailwheel Endorsement
10-20 hours

A pilot who wishes to fly an aircraft that is designed with a tailwheel (rather than having the convention tri-cycle landing gear) is required to receive specific ground/flight instruction from an authorized instructor and receive a one-time logbook endorsement stating competency in flying a tailwheel aircraft.

Currency Renewals
Requirement Specific

Has your currency expired?  AERO Missions provides recurrent training to missionary pilots in need.  Accomplish a BFR, IPC, or safety check flight with an AERO Missions instructor.

For more details on each req., please contact our office.

Have questions about any of the programs listed above?

Contact us at (850) 610-0448 or and let us help answer your questions.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website serves as an excellent resource for both airmen licensing  and currency requirements:

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