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Explore our current projects and plans

AERO Missions stands ready to train and to assist missionaries around the world in reaching people for Christ.  Our targeted people groups are the unreached tribes, villages, and towns located in places where normal travel and transportation remain limited by natural barriers or sub-standard conditions.

Our current projects focus on the ministry's long-term recurring work, such as training and foreign field support. As we grow and develop relationships with both current and future missionaries, AERO Missions looks forward to expanding our work and adding additional projects to this list.

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Missionary Aviator Assistance Program (MAAP)

The MAAP has been developed as part of AERO Missions' plan to keep training costs and personal expenses to a minimum for our missionary pilot candidates. Designated giving, as well as allotted funding through the ministry, subsidizes overall expenses incurred by each student.  To learn more about how you can help a student through the MAAP, please contact the AERO Missions Office.

Tail Part of a Plane

Mission Aviation Field Support (MAFS)

Beyond the realm of pilot training lies an entirely different challenge for the new missionary aviator: establishing and operating an aviation program on a foreign mission field.  In addition to providing pilot training, AERO Missions supports, guides, and lends assistance to our missionary pilots regarding the logistics and operations involved in his ministry endeavor.


AERO Missions Aviation Ranch

In the interest of the work God has given us, we believe that AERO Missions and its students would greatly benefit by working and  training from a base simulating a mission field environment. Our plans for this project involve establishing a camp to include a grass airstrip, a hangar, an office, and accommodations for our students and their families.

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